Introducing our LEMU-Namati Community Land Protection Team’s newest member

It is our pleasure to introduce to you Marena Brinkhurst, the newest addition to our Community Land Protection team here at Namati. Rachael Knight, Program Director, CLP, Namati Dear Colleagues, I would like to introduce myself – my name is Marena and I am the new Program Associate for Namati’s Community Land Protection Program, working […]

Marena Brinkhurst, Program Associate, CLP Namati

This land not for sale

Welcome to our new website

As LEMU has grown, so have our needs to share documents and to communicate with you. In our new site you will find news about our work, as well as a library of our documents and links to our partners and to other resources that you may find useful. We would like to hear from […]

Protecting Community Lands and Resources: The International Report June 2012

In recent years, governments across Africa, Asia and Latin America have been granting vast land concessions to investors for agro-industrial enterprises and resource extraction. Often, these concessions dispossess rural communities and limit their access to natural resources vital to their livelihoods and survival. To gather evidence on how to take practical steps to protect community […]

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Simon Levine speaks at the Houses of Parliament, UK.

Securing Women’s Land Rights in Southern and Eastern Africa Report on a CPA-UK Lecture, 8th February 2012 By: Daniela Huaman Rodriguez, Mokoro Ltd There is a need to treat the system as a whole to ensure human rights are provided to the weak, and that through this process it will be possible to generate a […]