Introducing our LEMU-Namati Community Land Protection Team’s newest member

It is our pleasure to introduce to you Marena Brinkhurst, the newest addition
to our Community Land Protection team here at Namati.
Rachael Knight, Program Director, CLP, Namati

Marena BrinkhurstDear Colleagues,
I would like to introduce myself – my name is Marena and I am the new Program Associate for Namati’s Community Land Protection Program, working with Rachael in the Oakland office. I am very honored to join this team and share in your amazing work to protect community land rights.

Before joining Namati, I worked in Canada (I am Canadian) with rural and remote indigenous communities to support their community planning efforts. I was involved with land use planning, community economic development planning, health planning, and governance planning. My roles were to help community partners design their planning process, provide training support, and work with them to complete their plans. I am trained in planning, natural resource and environmental management, and research.
My past research projects have looked at land rights and land management on indigenous reserves in Canada and elsewhere, international land rights movements, and the impact of biofuel plantations on customary land rights in India. My experiences in India, Botswana, Ecuador, and with indigenous peoples in Canada have inspired my passion for protecting community land rights and supporting community-led land management.

My work with Namati will include:

  • Program communications (like newsletters, videos, website, social media, and reports);
  • Writing, editing, and designing documents and publications;
  • Making graphics (like map drawings);
  • Developing training materials to support community planning, land use planning, and natural resource management;
  • Tracking budgets and reporting requirements;
  • Coordinating conferences and events;
  • Administrative support;and
  • Supporting you, our partners, with specific needs

Thank you and I look forward to connecting with you all!

Best wishes,
Marena Brinkhurst