Evaluating the impacts of protecting communal lands and resources & Comparing the impacts of state and customary land justice systems April 2017

Principal Investigator: Anthony Okech.
Funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

The study, financed by IDRC, was undertaken by LEMU using an Action Research approach integrated into LEMU’s program implementation, gathering information during the community land protection activities in Lango sub-region and tracking and analyzing land cases of land disputes reported to LEMU offices in Apac, Lira and Soroti.

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In evaluating community land protection, the study assessed its impact on:leadership and governance;
use and access to land and natural resources; land dispute and conflict resolution; empowering the
vulnerable groups of persons and social cohesion and sustainability. In evaluating customary and
state land justice systems, the study assessed: efficiency; efficacy; positive outcomes and positive
roles in land justice.