The Iteso Clans Directory (Atekerin Nuka Iteso) 4

A first of its kind, the “Iteso Clans Directory” which is authored by Iteso Cultural Union  (ICU) lists  all the 1,195 clans of the Iteso wherever they are in Uganda and Kenya. Starting in 2012, it took over 4 years to work and finish.The extensive work was facilitated by LEMU with support from TROCAIRE as donor partner and with the collaboration of the ICU secretariat and ICU Secretaries all over districts as well as in Kenya. Download PDF file here.

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4 thoughts on “The Iteso Clans Directory (Atekerin Nuka Iteso)

  • Patrick Abal

    I just glanced through this very detailed architecture of clans of Teso people, and find it very informative. I will get time and give it a detailed scrutiny. However, in the brief history on origin and migration, it is shocking that this account does not mention any association with Lango people even when they share the very common clan terminologies and names: Ateker (Teso), Atekere (Lango); Irarak (Teso), Arak (Lango); Ikaribwok (Teso), Okarowok (Lango); Ikatekok (Teso), Atek (Lango); Ikomolo (Teso), Omolo (Lango); Inomu (Teso), Inomo (Lango), Ingodia (Teso), Ongoda (Lango), and Igoria (Teso), Ogora (Lango), among others. Such similarities signify a deeper connection than the brief historical account on origin here suggests. It is interesting that the Account talks about dispersal at Karamoja, but does not mention Lango at all. On the Lango historical account, they confirm that they separated from Karamojong. This area may require further study.
    Secondly, who was Asonya in the history of Teso? There are a lot of oral and mythical accounts associated with Asonya (in Lango- Aconya). I think this too needs further study.
    I ask this questions because as a Clan Leader in Lango (Awitong Arak Ongoda Clan), I see a lot of inter-twining connections between the two peoples.

    • Judy Adoko

      Dear Awitong Patrick Abal,

      Thank you for reading our website material and sending us comments. LEMU, funded by TROCAIRE spent 4 years, working with Iteso Cultural Union (ICU) to get information that is in the Clan directory. This directory was recording clans that exist today as given by the current ICU secretaries. The only historic aspects mentioned were the original main clans that seem to be common knowledge.

      For the historic aspect of the clan directory, I refer you to the Minister of State for ICU, Jonathan Maraka at email address: jonathanmaraka1960(AT)

      On another note, LEMU in Apac supported your clan and the clan to resolve a land dispute between your clan member and that of Atek Omwon Pel in Ibuje in May, 2018. The one representing you was your deputy. Your people expressed the wish for you to meet them every now and then, especially in dispute resolution meetings. I promised to send this message.

      Judy Adoko

  • Patrick Odeo Ekisa

    this is the best of all that has so far been undertaken to safeguard the community that was thought to be extinct. We as the Iteso of Kenya are proud to be included here. however still a large part of the same process of safeguard ought to be made especially considering the entire age set system was lost during the outocratic reign of Semei Kakunguru. the next step is to get the real population of Iteso in the world since the current statistics as presented by the national census and bureau of statistics is worrying considering Iteso used to be slightly the seventh ethnic group in East Africa on the basis of first census conducted in 1948.and another article as written by the administrator of Ugandan protectorate in 1915 showed that only in Uganda we had over 300,000 people who belonged to Iteso some groups that were hardly 100,000 during that time are being counted as 4 to 5 million. that means that at some point the Teso people stopped reproducing or an epidemic wiped almost half of the entire population but not recorded. thus I call upon ICU to consider taking census specifically for Iteso.
    Secondly I wish to encourage ICU to come up with avibrant Teso related hobby since commnuties loose their identity due to alack of acommon unifying factor. We should stop copying what others are doing because that will only make us infirior subjects. Luos are known for football and benga music, congolese are known for Rumba and Sucous Kikuyus are known for business and development then Iteso should also be able to excel in one or two aspects so that others can desire to imitate. this will automatically save the community from losing its members to other neighbour who are perceive to be superiour. I have alot tell Because of the experience of having grown up outside Tesoland.
    Yours Patrick Odeo Ekisa (Ekomolot Ebuinoit from Changara Kenya)

    • Judy Adoko

      Dear Patrick,
      If you have attended any of the Iteso Cultural Union (ICU) meetings in Soroti, you probably met with staff of Land and Equity Movement in Uganda – LEMU that worked with ICU to produce the Clan Directory for which I am writing. I like to thank you for reading our website and for responding at length. I also like to inform you that the purpose of the Clan Directory was to find out the names of clans, clan leaders in order to help with customary land administration, especially for land conflict dispute resolution. It was also to assist ICU to have a uniform clan structure that is now agreed. As an NGO, we were funded by an Irish Based NGO, TROCAIRE to support ICU to produce this book. Some of the recommendations you make are beyond LEMU and, I am sure beyond ICU since funding continues to be an issue. I will share this with the Minister of State for ICU, Jonathan Maraka at email address: jonathanmaraka1960(AT) He might be able to respond at depth.

      Judy Adoko