Oral to Written: Practical Processes to Documenting Community Land Rules Mar 2017

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As oral land governance for community land now has many challenges, documenting traditional governance and rules for community land was deemed necessary by some community land owners in Lango region, assisted by Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU), funded by International Development Law Organization, NAMATI and USAID SAFE Project. The rules writing approach of […]

What should be included in the new “Certificate of Title of Customary Ownership (COTO)” mandated under The 2013 Uganda National Land Policy (NLP)? Apr 2017

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Uganda’s new National Land Policy (NLP), approved in 2013, brought an overdue and much needed change for the recognition and support of Customary land tenure in Uganda. Amongst other changes, the NLP recognized Customary land tenure and indicated that a new “Certificate of Title of Customary Ownership” based on customary land registry would confer rights […]

Evaluating the impacts of protecting communal lands and resources & Comparing the impacts of state and customary land justice systems April 2017

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Principal Investigator: Anthony Okech. Funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). The study, financed by IDRC, was undertaken by LEMU using an Action Research approach integrated into LEMU’s program implementation, gathering information during the community land protection activities in Lango sub-region and tracking and analyzing land cases of land disputes reported to LEMU offices […]

Power & Vulnerability in Land Dispute Resolution

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Experience reveals two types of land disputes prevalent in postwar northern Uganda: cases that involve a legitimate cause of action and those that do not. 1 Since mediation and alternative forms of dispute resolution rely on parties’ willingness to negotiate in good faith, cases featuring ‘bad faith’ and land grabbing—where powerful parties intentionally exploit another […]

Examining the A­‐D‐R‐tistry of Land Dispute Mediators in Northern Uganda

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Land wrangles are astoninshingly common in Uganda today, with disputes over customary land – recent studies show – on the rise. NGOs and community actors have begun offering Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR] services, and the gravity and significance of this daily work cannot be overstated. Yet most land dispute mediations in Uganda today go unrecorded […]