Oral to Written: Practical Processes to Documenting Community Land Rules Mar 2017

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As oral land governance for community land now has many challenges, documenting traditional governance and rules for community land was deemed necessary by some community land owners in Lango region, assisted by Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU), funded by International Development Law Organization, NAMATI and USAID SAFE Project.

The rules writing approach of LEMU is informed by the principle that documenting community land rules and governance for community land protection is really the process of communities agreeing on what community land rights are and agreeing duties for each owner/user of
the shared resources.

For there to be harmonious co-existence and orderly usage of the resources, the users need to enter some kind of contract among themselves on how they will sustainably use the resources, what rights and responsibilities they have; and how each person can benefit as equitably as possible.

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