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Information paper 6 – Know the law on the Consent Clause.

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The law protects wives from the family land being sold without their consent. Unfortunately, the law is not applied because neither the women and their husbands, or the local officials, know about the law. This paper is a simple explanation of how the law works, and what each party needs to do if they want to sell land.

What happens if I don’t get any papers?

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If the land is yours, then you are still the legal owner of the land whether you have papers or not. Papers do not give you more rights to the land, but they do give you proof that is more acceptable to those from outside your community that the land is yours.

What happens if I get a Certificate of Customary Ownership?

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If you want an official paper to say you own the land, but don’t want to get a freehold title to your land, you can apply for a ‘Certificate of Customary Ownership’ (CCO). In principle, you can get a certificate for land which you own either in rural or urban areas, as long as the land has never been registered (i.e. had a title issued for it).