Eradicating Poverty

Lira girlHow does LEMU contribute to eradicating poverty?

Land is the most important asset the poor have and losing rights to land is one of the most serious obstacles the poor can face to getting out of poverty. LEMU wants to promote a secure and equitable access to land by the poor, especially women, for equitable economic growth and poverty eradication in Uganda.

LEMU wants to make a contribution to eradicate poverty through research and by stimulating debate on land issues:

  • To help stakeholders understand the different impacts of land privatisation on economic growth and poverty.
  • To help customary owners understand the possibilities of different tenure systems and their implications for their security of tenure.
  • To help the poor especially women and children who are said to have the weakest claims to land make best use of the new land laws to defend and improve their rights to land.
  • By helping policy makers, owners and donors to be informed of the actual impact of land laws on the poor.
  • By helping Local Government to implement land law in ways which will give customary owners and the poor the best chance of eradicating their own poverty.
  • By making suggestions to policy makers and implementers on which aspects of customary tenure should be strengthened or defended.