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LEMU Documents

LEMU creates wide ranging written output to share the findings of our work, represent the positions which benefit the communities we serve and inform policy making.

Please browse our publications, which we share to contribute to the ongoing land rights discussions.  Clicking the links will take you to specific areas of our documents.

There are four document ‘types’
Research: LEMU original research or papers.
Information papers: Factual documents which are more ’timeless’ than the others, e.g instructional documents.

LEMU Advocacy:
setting out a particular position that LEMU takes.
PPRR: the publications of documented land governance for different areas. PPRR is Principles, Practices, Rights and Responsibilities

Our Recent Documents



ADR Alternative dispute resolution
CLP Community land protection
CLPP Community Land Protection Programme
CLRT Community Land Rights Tool
CSO Civil Society Organisation
CTV Centro Terra Viva (Mozambique)
FIDA International Federation of Women Lawyers
FLPP Family Land Protection Programme
FLRLT Family Land Rights Lineage Tree
ICU Iteso Cultural Union
IDRC International Development Research Centre
KEF Kumam Elders’ Forum LC Local Council LCF
Lango Cultural Foundation
LEMU Land and Equity Movement in Uganda
MLHUD Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development
PPRR Principles Practices Rights and Responsibilities
PWD Person with disabilities SDI Sustainable Development Institute (Liberia)
UHRC Uganda Human Rights Commission