A guide to compulsory acquisition and other alternatives (parts 1 – 11)

Overview of Compulsory Acquisition download

This is a brief 2 page overview of the pack which contains a set of 11 papers.
This pack is aimed to help public officials, NGOs and other stakeholders, who may wish to implement development projects or undertake public construction on private land.
This guide tries to provide clarity on the rules, present options on how to acquire land, and to make suggestions on preventing possible disputes. This guide can be used in all parts of the country, as the same laws and procedures apply everywhere.

1. The challenges of finding land for development.

Everyone recognises the rights of both sides – but it is not so simple to reconcile their competing needs.
It will never be possible to satisfy all competing interests, since resources (including land) are always limited. It is possible, though, to avoid unpleasant conflicts, mistrust, or situations where individuals lose everything and become destitute.