National engagement strategy (NES), Uganda

Project Location: National
Funder: International Land Coalition
Duration: 2020 to 2021
Status: Completed

NLC Uganda is a multi-stakeholder platform that brings together various local and international organizations, private sector, and research institutions working on land and natural resource governance in the country. It has a membership of over 35 organizations. The coalition is hosted by the Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU). LEMU manages the NLC grants and hosts the NLC secretariat.

The goal of the coalition is; To promote people-centered land governance through policy and practice change in adherence to Uganda’s Vision 2040.Some of the objectives of the coalition include;

  • A competent platform of individuals and institutions working collaboratively to address land governance challenges in Uganda.
  • Vibrant Platform accountable to members and stakeholders
  • A vibrant national multi-stakeholder platform sharing knowledge and skills on land governance.
  • NLC members are equipped with adequate skills to implement and support the implementation of the LANDex tool
  • Strong implementation of land laws and policies that are gender-sensitive
  • Categories:
    Customary Land Tenure

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