Community members to generate the rules in Kongorok village

Community members to generate the rules in Kongorok village

March 8, 2022 Actvivities 0

Purpose of the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to come up with the laws/ rules on how best we can protect the land for grazing not leaving the role of the elders. We shall then come and elect the management leaders we talked of last time 4 women, 4 men, and 1 youth either female or male.

The objectives of the community meeting include the following

  • To come up with community rules that don’t contradict the national laws in land management.
  • To popularize the key sections of the community constitutions to the community members so that they can have them in their minds
  • To facilitate the election of the interim committee on land

Remarks from the LCIII. Thanks ones again for bringing me to your meetings and appreciation to my community for insisting to see their leaders. Mr. Maraka. This is one of the community that has suffered a lot from the previous leadership and when they voted for us they have a lot of hopes and that is why they demanded for us since people could come here and write their names for the benefit of others. My people I want to assure you that the project you see here is our own project but thanks for demanding me to come and explain this to you, this project is known from the district up to the regional level. I therefore request you to welcome it and own it. Based on all this I request the team from LEMU to proceed since we have even over delayed you and wasted your fuel.

Communication from LEMU .as I had told you earlier. The rest of the community came up with the rules but I will first want us to brainstorm and later share with you what I have and see what fits you and what doesn’t and we delete it.

  • Chepososir Rebecca. We as women never had powers over the grazing land and up to now we don’t and if a woman does a mistake violating the rules generated by the elders, she makes local brew and beaten by elders.
  • Lotireng Joshua. we could not dig holes within the grazing area
  • Komole, the elders would curse someone who brings sick animals in the grazing land.
  • Kuduny Samuel. No burning graze.


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