Popularization of the community rules in Parish Kongorok

Popularization of the community rules in Parish Kongorok

March 8, 2022 Actvivities 0

LEMU entered into partnership with DCA in 2016 to work in the 4 districts of Karamoja i.e Moroto, Napak, Amudat and Nakapirirpirit. But after some time in 2019, we scaled down our districts of work to Amudat and Napak. In Amudat we have been working in Amudat Sub County to protect the grazing land of Arimonyang and Morungole.

In 2021 when DCA gave us more money, we had to extend to your sub-counties and I was here last time for a community inception meeting to seek your view if you’re willing to safeguard your grazing land of which you people acknowledged it.

Today we are here to generate the rules governing the grazing land that you people used for a long time but should not contradict the government laws.


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